Le Guess who, Utrecht November 13 2016


Though Gregorian Chant is no everday’s thing to the young and young adults, the acquaintance this Sunday was received in a very positive way.


What happened? At the request of Julia Holter, one of the curators of the 10th edition of the Le Guess Who festival, Karolus Magnus was invited to perform on Sunday November 13.

Julia Holter is a young American singer, songwriter, record producer and composer from Los Angeles, known amongst others from A Tragedy (2011), Ekstasis (2012) and from the album Have you in my wilderness (2015). Holter also collaborated with Nite Jewel, Ducktails, Linda Perhacs, Michael Pisaro and Jean-Michael Jarre.


It turned out that we were programmed between performances by Lau Nau and Josephine Foster.

Karolus Magnus performed for an audience of about 250 young people and we sang a selection from the Matins of Saint Libuinus. The attentive international audience was enthralled by hearing this special music. We started singing the impressive Litany of female victims of violence, referring to the yearly recurring reading of names of victims of Nine Eleven.