Updated March 31 2012

the martyred virgins, a topical project

The  ritual ‘Martyred Virgins’, in which the spoken word and Gregorian chant are continually alternated, seeks to commemorate the timeless violence against women. In doing so the Schola Cantorum Karolus Magnus connects an old tradition to a problem existing till today.


Started as a project honouring Saint Agnes and all other female martyrs venerated in the catholic church, it grew into a sung monument in which violence against all women is commemorated.

Typical here is that ‘Martyred Virgins’ does not only honour the women who died for their faith, nor only the women who were physically violated because they believed. The ‘Martyred Virgins’ is also a monument for the woman and her role in today’s society.  And thus the Schola veers off into a different direction: the old Gregorian chant serves today’s needs.


These spoken words and these chants are now collected on a CD named “The Martyred Virgins”, sub-headed ‘A Gregorian memorial to female victims of violence’. Because of its international character the spoken text is in English and an accompanying booklet of 48 pages contains texts in Latin, English and Dutch.


On March 8, International Women Day, the Schola starts a tour through the Netherlands to bring the CD into publicity and to offer it to representatives of organisations working for victims of  violence.


You’ll find the texts which are used on the CD: CLICK HERE

Some reviews of the CD CLICK HERE

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