CURRENT AFFAIRS (updated October 3 2017)




Sunday November 5  2017

at 14.00 hrs

MUSEUM DE LOCHT Broekhuizerdijk 16d Melderslo organizes a times a year in the chapel a Gregorian afternoon.
Two choirs then bring a choice of their repertoire.
This year share the Schola Cantorum Karolus Magnus and the Schola Kennemerland.

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Sunday  December 17 2017 Advent/Christmas concert in the ‘Kloster Graefenthal' , Goch-Nierswalde, just across the border at Gennep. Further information: see

  For Gregorian chant during celebrations  like marriage, burial etc.

                               please phone: 003124 3581966, 003124 3607481 or 0031638465903