CURRENT AFFAIRS (updated July 1 2017)




Saturday, August 27 and Sunday August 28 2017

Gebroeders van Limburg Festival Nijmegen.

On Sunday we will take part in the festival with 3 items:

-the Sunday morning service at 10 am in the Stevens church with the theme: made in Nijmegen.

-at 12:30 the Gregory procession as part of the Blijde Incomste.

-at 15.00 a vesper celebration in the great sanctuary of the Stevens Church preceded by a tour of the Church.

Sunday  December 17 2017 Advent/Christmas concert in the ‘Kloster Graefenthal' , Goch-Nierswalde, just across the border at Gennep.

  For Gregorian chant during celebrations  like marriage, burial etc.

                               please phone: 003124 3581966, 003124 3607481 or 0031638465903