A double CD by the Schola Cantorum Karolus Magnus

Updated on 2016 - 04- 23


Short outlines

1.                The four Gospels are the main source. The development in the course of history has clearly shown how the figure of Jesus especially by Christians has been experienced through more than twenty centuries. As the various periods in history come and go, we can clearly notice the change in emphasis on different aspects.

There are , of course, numerous images of Jesus: the crucified Christ, the Son of God in the crib, the Lamb of God, the Good Shepherd, the Sacred heart, the King of heaven, the Prince of peace, etc.

   The choice of hymns has been based on a theological and church historical line.

At key moments in the history of the church novel images of Jesus keep appearing, which process, however, more or less comes to an end round about the 16th century. The church liturgy, moreover, took its final shape in the 10th and 11th century and by then also the Gregorian repertoire was quite well established. This choice, therefore, supplies sufficient material for a meaningful project; however, for the modern era with its new images of Jesus we shall have to draw on the original Gregorian repertoire.

Dividing the history of the church into four periods, we have made the following choice:

-           The first period, the apostolic period (1st and 2nd century)

            1.            Video caelos apertos

            2.            Verbum caro factum est

            3.            Kyrie eleison (GS 49)

            4.            Nonne sic + canticum Christus Iesus

            5.            Mysterium fidei

-          The second period, the patristic period (3rd through 6th century)

            6.            Lumen hilare

            7.            Mirabile mysterium + canticum Benedictus

            8.            Veni, Redemptor

            9.            A solis ortus

 10.            Gloria (ambrosiana)

           11.           O admirabile commercium+ psalm Dixit Dominus

           12.           Te Deum (simplex)

           13.           Tecum principium (graduale)

           14.           Te laudamus Domine (complete version)

-          The third period, medieval period until ca 16th century

           15.           Vexilla Regisprodeunt

           16.           Ave Rex noster

           17.           De ore leonis

           18.           Circumdederunt me viri mendaces

           19.           Iesu dulcis memoria

           20.           O quantum in cruce

-          The transition to the modern era with Reformation and Counter-Reformation marks the fourth period

                    21.           Auctor beate saeculi

                    22.           Suscepit nos + psalm 144 (145)

                    23.           Te saeculorum principem

                    24.           Dulcis et rectus Dominus

                    25.           Sedebit Dominus Rex

                    26.           Dignus et Agnus


A 40 pages booklet is added . A lot of work has been done by father Augustinus Hollaardt OP ( 2012), Stan Hollaardt (master) and Jan Timmermans (secretary to the Schola). In the booklet is also a Translation into English by our friend Rob Marttin.

Koos Leemker

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