Meanwhile five CD's and two double CD's of the Schola have been released:


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  O Virgo Mater

 1993: O Virgo mater with Hymns for the Virgin Mary and organ improvisations.

  Price: € 8,00




  Alleluia: Christus resurgens   

  1995: Canticum novum with the integral Latin execution of the fifth Sunday of Easter. 

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  A porta inferi   


  1997; 2009: Media vita with hymns from the liturgy and the office in the Holy Mass for the deceased.


  A remake of our CD Media Vita by Brilliant Classics is ready. Booklet also in English!


  Price: € 8.00



  Aurora lucis



  2000: La Divina Commedia Gregoriana double CD. A medieval, Gregorian cycle which leads us from hell through purgatory to paradise.


  In the magazine “Het Gregoriusblad” Dr Anton Vernooy reviews our double CD: La Divina Commedia Gregoriana’

  (issue September 2001, nr 3, vol 125) : CLICK HERE


  Price € 15,00. There is also a version available with an Italian, an English or a French booklet.




  Video caelos apertos

  2006: “IMAGO CHRISTI” is the title of a compilation of songs which offers you an overall picture of how in the course of 2000 years Jesus of Nazareth was perceived, celebrated and professed in the religious communities of the church.

  Double CD. Booklet also in English.

  Price € 10,00.





2012: 'The Martyred Virgins'. a Gregorian memorial to female victims of violence.

  A moving and powerful programme of the old and new, dealing with an important and shocking issue that is   still with us in the 21st century.
- 48-page booklet, containing extensive notes about the project by the artists, and complete texts of the chants, poems and readings in Dutch, English and Latin. The text in the booklet is a plea for female freedom, equal rights, respect and peace, regardless of religion or culture.


Cd with booklet in Jewelcase: Price € 8,00.




  Sanctus Lebuinus antifoon + psalm


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2016: The matins of Lebuinus have been composed in the 12th century especially for the feastday of this saint. As with most of the Gregorian chant of the Middle Ages also the composer of these matins (which can be found in the Antiphonalium  of Utrecht, manuscript NL Uu-406) is unknown.

Director Stan Hollaardt spent many hours preparing the notation and text and so did the choir members in rehearsing, because notably  the responsorial chants are tough to master, but worth the time however since they are of exceptional beauty.

The originally nightly chant by the monks in their monasteries is called ‘matins’ or ‘vigilae nocturnae’.

Of all the prayers in the monasteries these ‘nocturnae’ are the most time consuming and exist  in fact of  three nocturnae , each of these with psalms, antiphonae, responsorials and lectures.

The matins start with an ‘invitatorium’ and a hymn; they end with a ‘Te Deum’.

 Price € 8,00 .



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